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Chimneys are often the most exposed part of a property. Over time pointing and weather flaunching can fail allowing rain to penetrate the stack; in combination with frost deterioration is accelerated. If neglected the stack will degenerate and eventually become unsafe and dangerous. If spotted in time new weather flaunching and pointing will extend the longevity of the stack but from time to time it may be necessary to rebuild the stack in order to ensure its permanence. It is not just the weather that can cause serious harm, chimney fires can do untold damage. Billings provides a complete chimney repair and restoration service where a chimney has become damaged or unsuitable for use.



A house extension can dramatically enhance your home by increasing the visual appeal, practicality of living and overall value. Whatever your individual requirements, from small kitchen extensions to large whole house extensions, we cater our service to your specifications, ensuring that the finished result accurately reflects your needs, style and budget. All the work we conduct is fully guaranteed and complies to Building Regulations we promise to carry out the work to your property quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of disturbance and inconvenience.



Over time the cement and mortar between the bricks of your home or building can crack, crumble or just simply wear away. When this happens, the chances of water getting between the cracks and gaps increases. This can mean a variety of issues and problems for you and your home. We are able to conduct brick pointing on your building in order to restore it to its former glory! Whether its your home, an extension, an outbuilding or the like, we are able to complete the work with minimal of fuss to an exceptionally high standard. Repointing is the most cost effective way to repair the brickwork on your buildings and to make them water tight once again. Our highly skilled, professional tradesmen will complete the work to an exceptionally high standard, keeping you in the forefront of their minds at all time.



We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship together with a strong commitment to professional standards. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the construction industry with highly qualified tradesmen, reliable services and competitive pricing. We have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous site supervision that ensures high Health & Safety Standards and constant availability for client consultation. We construct a variety of walls. from new interior walls, boundary walls, Porches, garden walls and external walls. we use a variety of materials from bricks to an array of different stones.



Choosing the right interior and exterior is imperative to the building’s completion, and can give the property an exceptional finish. Rather than opt for usual brickwork, make your building standout through stonework instead. Stonework exteriors offer many beneficial, long-term advantages, whether it’s for office blocks, retail outlets or housing. Not only does stonework provide classical elegance, but it is extremely durable and can easily retain heat during colder temperatures.



We can provide you with multiple samples of various natural and manufactured stone products in order to help you choose the perfect finish for your patio. Add creative touches to your garden area by creating beautiful pathways, curved edges, decorative edging and more. We tailor each and everyone of our patios to suit our customers. If you need steps, doorway ramps, non slip patios or just easy maintenance, we guarantee that we will create it for you within a competitive budget.

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